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Experience Conversational Hypnotherapy: Here and Now in These Words

Mar 02, 2012 06:47AM ● By Randall Preiser, CHt, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

As you are here, reading these words on this page, right now in this very moment… it means that you are listening to a place deep inside your unconscious mind and the words are making sense to you. Isn’t this intriguing, that these words are going in your mind as you think about it? Now, as you continue to read and realize this is true… please consider that you can slowly direct your inner focus on the feeling of your left hand (now/here) and as you are feeling that left hand, ask yourself mentally, "Is this hand heavier than my right hand or is my left hand somewhat lighter than my right hand?" Go ahead now, just for a moment, only here… as you absorb these words right now, ask yourself, "Is my left hand lighter or my right hand heavier, or is the right hand lighter and is it my left that’s heavier?" Now ask yourself while you’re left with this question, "Am I right about this or is it that which I left out that is what’s right? So is it the left hand or the right hand that’s left? Now!"

A little confused? Good! Know that these language patterns foster a naturally hypnotic state of mind in most of us. Is this a sign that hypnosis is coming on now, while you are reading these words? Most authorities would say ‘yes’ which means that as you are focusing your attention while allowing yourself to just let go and be absorbed in learning and aware while in this trancelike state, perhaps like this one right now, that this is a definite sign of mild hypnosis coming on. Yes, that’s right! But let’s go on while you’re having fun in this fascinating way. And go a little deeper.

Are you still wondering inside... while you read these words perhaps you’re curious as to what’s coming next? If you are, you may notice a peculiar sensation while reading each word sloooowwly… and as you notice that your mind is processing the deeper meaning and feelings associated with each one of these words written here, your inner mind is absorbing right now… because  the sensation of taking in each word has a certain familiar feeling to it, isn’t that so? A feeling! Or is this a thought? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re unconscious mind is processing new learnings in a different way as you read these words.

Now, look up from the page that you are reading and focus as far as you can see and hold your attention there for a moment... on that… now back down to these words again. Look up once more and focus away again... and come back here. Isn’t that peculiar? Did you notice the internal processing that goes on in your unconscious mind while focusing your attention and associating with something else that was in the background of your awareness, and then returning to a place in the present that is providing you with this inner stimulation which is making sense somewhere inside yourself this very moment?

Pretend that you are experiencing a mild and pleasant trance while knowing that you have been in this trance now for a few moments because you have been deeply and intimately involved with these words on this page as you continue to read them right now! Where else could you be, that’s anywhere but here, like this, only now? Now, just take a deep, satisfying breath and let it out. One more time... and Wake Up!

You have just experienced a very mild hypnotic trance. Was it fascinating and comfortable? Want to do it again, only go deeper? Go ahead... or you can learn to elicit much deeper and useful trances in other people in everyday conversations which can help them to make profound changes in behavior, moods, abilities, and learning. And much more, professional hypnotherapists get paid for helping people change unwanted habits, overcome uncomfortable feelings, get out of stuck states and increase performance.

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