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Finding the New in You: Emei Qigong as a Catalyst for Change

Jan 03, 2012 09:21PM ● By Robbie Miles

Each January we talk about our "New Year" resolutions. We resolve to change something about ourselves. Many of us resolve to eat in a healthy manner or engage in healthy physical activities. Resolutions can be small or large. All resolutions reflect a very personal nature at the core of us that desires change. For some of us, these changes last all year long, often many years into the future, while other resolutions fall by the wayside to be picked up again the following January.

It is this ability to change, to find a new you, that can bring healing into your life. The beauty of making a resolution is that it gives you an opportunity to say ‘this is the day I begin to change.’ The wonder of embracing change is that so many doors will open to you. Change can be delightful, totally refreshing and can produce unexpected results when you have taken the action to manifest that change into reality.

In the Healing Arts of Emei Qigong seminar you learn many methods to change your life with physical activity, quiet meditation, healing sounds and more. All of these methods help you incorporate new energy into your day and your life. The seminar provides many participants the impetus to make positive changes because they feel the change in their energy over the course of the seminar. Some participants begin to feel physical changes in the first few hours. Others feel a steady growth of energy and positive thoughts that have them absolutely glowing by the end of the seminar. Many participants tell how their health has changed, their emotions have changed, and they feel charged up, renewed, revitalized. Most feel calm, steady, centered. Some participants attend the seminar a second time because there is so much to learn and put into practice. Some participants in the health care field find the methods valuable for self-care and caring for others. One person told me it was the most beautiful energy ever felt. I agree!

One of the core tenets in Emei Qigong is compassion, living with a pure heart. Always strive to mentally hold yourself in a compassionate and loving embrace. Now, mentally extend your compassion to recognize the unique character of each person you meet, realizing they have ups and downs just as you do. In our hurry-up world we expect so much from ourselves and others. Incorporating compassion into our relationships with ourselves and those around us is a healing salve for moments of stress. If we come from a foundation of kindness, our words will be kinder and so will our actions. Maybe you’ve seen the bumper sticker that says ‘I hate mean people’. With compassion and a pure heart, your internal bumper sticker is ‘I love kind people and all people deserve kindness’.

In the Healing Arts of Emei Qigong seminar you will learn methods to improve your physical health, emotional wellbeing and psychological outlook. The techniques can be used in a few spare minutes to fit a busy schedule or in less than an hour when time allows. Applying the concept of compassion to your New Year resolutions combined with the methods you will learn in the seminar tells you it’s okay if you don’t get to exercise, meditate, or do whatever you really wanted to do today. You did what you had to do or were able to do; accept that. Be kind! Tomorrow you get another chance to change!

For those participants who feel the Healing Arts methods have benefitted them, there is a path of study with Emei Qigong through a second seminar called Changing the Moving Program of Life, and a third training seminar called Yi-Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Methods. These seminars also teach more methods for self-healing and healing others.

I love teaching the Healing Arts seminar. I get comments, emails and cards from participants about the fantastic improvements in their lives, their health, their relationships. I know what they are experiencing, I experienced it myself! I was teaching art classes when I began my Qigong studies. From week to week my students told me they could see the changes in my face and my energy. I felt better physically, my attitude improved, I felt more patience and less stress.

I had an idea of some of the changes I wanted in my life when I began studying Qigong. I didn’t foresee where it would take me, but it’s been a marvelous journey that has made my life so much richer and fulfilling. So if you are ready for a little change in your life, the Healing Arts of Emei Qigong may be the ticket to a wonderful new you.


Benefits of Qigong Practice

Increased lung capacity and decreased stress levels.

Stress manifests in our bodies in the form of high blood pressure, headaches, or muscle tension. Learning proper breathing can help restore healthy levels.

 Improved Posture

If we have an injury or are under stress, our bodies develop compensatory patterns, which may over time manifest as injury or disease. Qigong practice aligns the body, reinforcing natural wellness.

Emotional and Physical Balance

Good physical balance and leg strength prevent falls, and become increasingly important as we age. Emotional balance can help strengthen our response to the modern juggling act that is our modern life. We strive to do the best for our families, jobs, communities and ourselves. Qigong strengthens both our physical and emotional well-being.

Vital Physical Conditions Positively Influenced

The specific movements and visualizations in the Emei Qigong methods can positively influence vital physical conditions such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, headache, insomnia, arthritis, and longevity.


The Healing Arts of Emei

Qigong Seminar will be held on two weekends in January: Sat., Jan. 21 and Sun., Jan. 22; and Sat., Jan. 28 and Sun., Jan. 29, at the Staybridge Suites of Tampa, 3624 Falkenburg Rd., near I-4 and I-75 off MLK Blvd., Tampa. Group Healing is Sun., Jan. 22, 4-5pm. For more information or to register, contact Robbie Miles, 813-442-9734, [email protected] or register online with Paypal at

Robbie Miles has been practicing Emei Qigong since 2007 and is a Certified Emei Qigong Teacher.