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A Solution for World Peace: - One Breath One World

Oct 04, 2011 07:51PM ● By Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack

- One Breath One World

By Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack

The massive illusion of SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS is finally being dissolved as ancient legends prophesied it would. You might not see this reflected on the 10 o’clock news, but it is clear that mankind is awakening to its higher reality. There is less separation now than ever before. With a black man as the president and many women running for the position, it is clear humanity has come a long way. But is it enough to end a 6,000-year track record of almost constant war? When will all the hatred and bitterness end? Documented history shows peace treaties haven’t lasted and old resentments have endured.

     ALL IS ONE CONSCIOUSNESS is the answer in my opinion. This new way of viewing reality sees fellow citizens and other cultures as part of the same great oneness. Unfortunately, history shows enlightenment can’t be understood on the mental level. Ancient sages ‘experienced’ their oneness rather than simply reading on the subject. They used meditation and breathing techniques to merge with grass, trees and stars. Even the soil underneath them was experienced as an extension of themselves.

     It wasn’t until I learned pranayama breathing that I myself experienced being one with the universe. My whole body filled with spiritual electricity that hummed within me making me feel totally alive with spirit. When I laid hands on people while doing the breathing I was able to ‘transfer’ the experience. One day, completely on the fly, I took two hundred people through a breathing meditation while holding hands. Everyone said it was powerful enough to unify humanity towards WORLD PEACE. Since that first circle an incredible legacy around it was born. To date over thirty thousand people have experienced it with most saying it is a realistic shot at uniting mankind.

     Qi energy is a unifying agent of the highest order and reminds us on a cellular level of our connection with God and everything/everyone around us.  When one feels their hands interconnected with thousands of people flowing with electricity, it is a real bonding experience. I think it can provide the foundation for global cooperation even on the government level. Breathing energy is energizing, euphoric and stress dissolving. I foresee leaders of the UN breathing in such a circle before meetings. It can be used to resolve many issues stemming from the illusion of separation. Even holding grudges against relatives and people that have wronged us becomes hard to maintain under this new vibration of energy. It’s as if the combined GROUP ENERGY of all the people breathing switches our brain into a new way of seeing everything as interconnected.

     On 11-11-11 we’re forming a massive 10,000-person power breathing prayer circle to send healing energy to loved ones and countries around the world in need. Sheryl Crow and other musical guests are performing LIVE during this historic moment on humanity's timeline. For people that enjoy being a vessel for God’s healing energy, this type of gathering will be refreshing entertainment. The energetic effects endure long after the party is over giving rise to higher levels of creativity, performance and a true feeling of being connected to the universe. The old expression, “May you live in interesting times,” could not be more applicable. Things are about to get very interesting. Never before in human history have people been more ready to unite beyond all differences of culture and religion. In honor of this movement to oneness, the first One Breath event happens on the date made completely of ones. 

     11-11-11 be a part of history!   “One Breath One World” is a once in a lifetime event coming to Orlando UCF Arena.  Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack, Music Artist Sheryl Crow and other talent will be present.  Seating Limited.  For more info: