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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

IAYT Accredited Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification Program

Expand your career & job opportunities and work alongside medical health care specialists. Our graduates work in wellness centers, doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals, schools, and universities, and as well as studios and gyms.

Course meets monthly: Friday (6-9pm), Saturday & Sunday (11am-7pm) in a Zoom online format. IAYT Accredited Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification Program expands professional development for certified yoga teachers and prepares them to use yoga therapy to increase health and well-being in a wide range of settings, for diverse populations. The certification program is open to students who have completed a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour program or are health care professionals and is offered completely on-line to students who begin our programs in 2023. Yoga Therapy at AUM hOMe Shala is a clinical approach to blending the yogic wisdom of the East with the complementary medicine of the West. AUM’s Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification Program trains compassionate, knowledgeable practitioners who have a myriad of safe, scientifically validated, yoga-based tools at their disposal and a familiarity with the evolution of the teachings and philosophy of the yoga tradition and its relevance to support clients and work closely with medical professionals. Students are equipped with knowledge of the basic perspectives on health and disease from yoga and Ayurveda relevant to the practice of yoga therapy, as well as knowledge of categorizing illness, including development/evolution of disease, and setting priorities: symptoms/pacification (short term) and purification/strengthening (shodhana). The certification is comprised of 905-Hours of instruction and consists of two separate courses, a 401-Hour Clinical Yoga Therapy Foundational training course ($4,600) and a 504-Hour Clinical Practicum course ($6,900). These two courses may be taken separately or simultaneously. Students who complete our 401-hour Foundational Yoga Therapy course are equipped to offer yoga therapy protocols working alongside medical health care specialists and are eligible to receive a Yoga Alliance RYT300 designation. Our Clinical Practicum course offers hands-on practicum experience so that students are equipped to work with a wide range of demographics. Our yoga therapists-in-training study, design, and deliver yoga therapy applications for specific issues, such as chronic pain, cancer, neuro-motor degenerative disorders, and mental health, to name a few.

Date & Time

1st Sunday, Friday, and Saturday

Mar 03, 2023 through Mar 12, 2023


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