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Bach Flower Remedies Level 1 LiveWeb

Become a Bach flower essence practitioner

Are you dealing with stress in your life? The Bach flower remedies can help.

Learn how to use the 38 Bach flower remedies to help yourself and others conquer fears, worries, overwhelm, low self esteem, lack of focus, poor concentration, trouble sleeping and more. The Bach flower remedies offer a beautiful path towards balance, wellness, harmony and awareness. They are a true tool for self-development and personal growth.

Discovered in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach, this safe and simple system of healing is used in over 66 countries worldwide for people and pets in all stages of life; they are safe for children, teens and the elderly.

This online course is taught by Nancy Buono, BFCP, Director of Bach Flower Education.

Nancy is an international educator with over 35 years of experience in the remedies. She has authored international curriculum and trained teachers and practitioners in the remedies worldwide. She is also the mother of 5.

Program is ongoing and self-paced with live Q&A sessions; students can enroll at any time.

Do you understand that emotions impact our wellness and quality of life? Do others naturally confide in your and share their worries? Do you love listening and helping? Become a Bach flower practitioner!

This is Level 1 of a multi tiered program leading to practitioner certification and the ability to join the Bach Flower Practitioner Alliance. Bach Flower Education is approved by NCBTMB, NCCOAM & ANMCB as a PDA/CE provider.