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Tell the Story Your Soul Wants to Write with Dr. Danielle

Do you frequently think about writing a book, blog, or personal essay to share your healing/discovery/transformative journey with the world, but you haven’t made the forward progress you’d like?

Do you light up when others tell you to share your voice; that your lived experiences would make an important impact on others’ lives but you get overwhelmed on where to start?

Do you start and stop your writing projects because of any of the following: self-doubt, a lack of clarity (too many things to explore or ways to write it), or a shortage of techniques to help you?

If you answered yes to any of these, it appears this class has found you in perfect timing – your soul wants you to write your story and we’re here to help. In this workshop, Dr. Danielle will offer:

  • Ways to quiet procrastination and impostor syndrome to just start writing
  • Time to brainstorm with other participants to gain additional ideas and clarity on the writing project at hand
  • Tips on how to build a writing outline
  • Ideas on how to write hard things in such a way they don’t hurt you or others (being truthful and vulnerable doesn’t mean it has to come with deep suffering and consequences. You can find a balance – I promise.)
  • Tools and resources to help you level up your writing. 

Be sure to bring a notebook and a pen.

Dr. Danielle sincerely looks forward to supporting you in this sacred journey.

Dr. Danielle’s Bio: In addition to Dr. Danielle’s work as a psychic medium she is also a tenure-track business professor, the Associate Editor of the Muma Business Review, and an award-winning narrative business case writer whose work has been distributed by Harvard Business Publishing. Her personal essays have been featured in several publications including The Bigger Picture, The Drabble, and The Rush. She is also the creator of Onwards the blog and is currently pitching her debut memoir on her Dark Night of the Soul to literary agents.

Date & Time

September 28, 2022

6:00PM - 7:30PM


The Violet Butterfly Metaphysical Healing Center - 35154 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL, 34684 35154 US Highway 19 North Palm Harbor 34684 FL US

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