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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Spiritual Defense for Empaths & Sensitives

Learn powerful techniques that you can put into effect immediately to shield yourself from absorbing heavy energies from others.

You can be empathic, caring & compassionate while not absorbing the heavy energies around you. And that is what this workshop is all about!You will develop a toolbox full of powerful and effective techiques to; Stop the energy vampires, Develop boundaries while remaining kind & compassionate, Shift your mindset from helping others to empowering others to help themselves, Take your power back, Replenish your energy and create emotional balance, Trust your inner knowing

We will discuss; Understanding empathy, Empathy vs sympathy, Emotional resonance, Reckless giving, Negative susceptibility,  The power of NO - and it's not what you're thinking, Emotional freedom, Empowerment and more

  Please text us at (813) 370-0272 with any questions

This workshop is led by;

Medicine Woman - Full Mesa Carriers Barbara Bulnes & Cahni Konig 

Date & Time

August 10, 2022

7:30PM - 9:30PM

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Sacred Space Spiritual Center