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The Tesla BioHealing Story

Jun 28, 2024 09:35AM ● By Suzanne Street, MBA
Tesla BioHealing

The Tesla BioHealing story began with a team of scientists and medical professionals less than five years ago. “Harnessing the forces of nature” and building upon the work of Nikola Tesla, the team created the world’s first-ever biophoton generators. While the devices are simplistic in structure, it’s what’s inside that packs a punch . . . a proprietary mix of gems and minerals that are activated to produce biophotons.
Today, Tesla BioHealing, Inc. (the Company) has amassed over 40,000 satisfied consumers whose experiences with the devices have made an indelible mark. Several thousand testimonials describe benefits like improved sleep, improved mobility, and increased energy. By simply placing the devices so that one is no more than 3 to 6 feet away, customers benefit at the cellular level from the bioavailable photons the devices emit. Because those bioavailable photons are compatible with the naturally occurring biophotons produced by living things, the cells are energized. Note that when an injury or illness occurs, the body needs cellular energy to heal.
The Company’s unique product line, therefore, offers a device to energize the cells of every family member, including pets. The BioHealer for Adults, or Biophotonizer-A, is intended for adults experiencing a slight lack of energy and should be placed near the body at least 8 hours a day. Most customers use the devices while sleeping. The BioHealer Plus (Biophotonizer-Plus) is for use by adults with a moderate lack of energy. It has the strength of five Adult BioHealers. The BioHealer Alpha (Biophotonizer-Alpha) has the strength of 25 Adult BioHealers and addresses a significant lack of energy in the body. The MedBed Generator (Biophotonizer-M) is used for a severe lack of energy. It has the strength of 100 Adult BioHealers. Its name matches its function in that it is placed beneath the bed. The BioHealer for Children (Biophotonizer-C) is intended for children over six years old and carries half the power of the Adult BioHealer. Finally, because pets have the same needs as their human counterparts, the Company offers the BioHealer for Pets (Biophotonizer-P). The newest addition to the product line is biophoton-energized spring water. The product launched late last year, ushered the Company into the ever-expanding bottled water industry.  
“Water is an efficient delivery system for carrying nutrients, and in this case energy, directly to the cells,” said Dr. Seth Robinson, chiropractor and director at Tesla BioHealing in Milford, Del. “The mineral content of spring water makes it a carrier that is especially efficient.”
Bottled water was first sold in the United Kingdom in 1622. The practice has since evolved to suit the needs of millions of consumers. Today, the bottled water market offers a variety of mineral, spring, glacier, distilled, flavored, infused, and sparkling waters. Specialized types of water include alkaline, hydrogen, and oxygenated, which offer health benefits ranging from increased energy and better digestion to reduced damage from free radicals.


A preliminary trial involving healthy adults suggests that biophoton-energized water offers one or more benefits: quick rehydration, increased energy, eased breathing, restful sleep, enhanced brain activity as evident with vivid dreaming, and increased libido.
The Company uses its ultra-high-powered biophoton generators to infuse the water molecules with a high count of biophotons. The manufacturing process ensures the efficient absorption, retention and delivery of biophotons from each bottle by guaranteeing the water reaches its maximum energy saturation and potency.
For more information about Tesla BioHealing, Inc., its devices and its biophoton-energized water, visit or your local Tesla BioHealing Center. With a corporate office in Milford, Del., the Company has Wellness Centers that offer various services in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida (2), Illinois, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
Suzanne Street retired from 25 years of service to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where she fulfilled such roles as PR director and head of agricultural communications. Today, she is HR director for Tesla BioHealing, managing employees in eight centers nationwide while writing and providing media relations support.
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