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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Cultivating Authentic univeRsal Energy with Miliaresis & Belcastro

The Cultivating Authentic univeRsal Energy (CARE) Podcast with Lisa Miliaresis and Michele Belcastro delves into the profound interconnectedness of all aspects of energy, where even thoughts carry unique energetic imprints. Leveraging their wealth of life experiences, this biweekly podcast serves as a guiding force for both one’s personal and collective journeys. Now, complementing their insights is the transformative CARE Retreat: Achieving Balance through Authenticity—a weekend of balance and rediscovery, taking place April 19 to 21, at Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, Safety Harbor, Florida.
Miliaresis and Belcastro invite participants—from newcomers to seasoned practitioners—to explore their intuitive capabilities through gentle movement, meditation, channeling, crystals and journaling. The benefits of developing intuition and self-awareness include unlocking a hidden superpower for a more fulfilling life; empowering decision-making aligned with one’s authentic self; and fostering improved relationships and enhanced problem-solving skills.
Not just a retreat but rather an investment in well-being, this is an opportunity to break free from the daily grind for a weekend of self-discovery and rejuvenation.
Cost: $425. For registration to the retreat and more information on Lisa’s services and books, visit Explore Michele's sacred offerings at