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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Fire + Stone Shamanic Healing Center

upper body shot of Dr. César A. Lara.

As a classically trained physician, Dr. César A. Lara has witnessed firsthand the benefits of western medicine in treating physical ailments. However, his experience has also taught him that healing goes well beyond treating just the physical body; there are emotional, mental, and spiritual components to wellness that cannot be ignored.
At Fire + Stone Shamanic Healing Center, in Clearwater, Dr. Lara, also a shaman, incorporates traditional and alternative approaches to healing, focusing on mindfulness, meditation and conscious visioning. By cultivating a deep sense of grounded help and being present in the moment, the individual can access their inner wisdom and intuition for greater healing and transformation.

At Fire + Stone, they believe that healing is not just about fixing what is broken, but about cultivating a sense of wholeness and connection with one’s self, others and the world-at-large. By approaching healing with a loving intention, a space for compassion, forgiveness and self-acceptance is created—powerful tools for healing and growth.
For those seeking a holistic approach to healing and wellness, Fire + Stone’s services will guide seekers to greater well-being on their transformative journey.

Location: 1217 Ewing Ave., Clearwater. For more information and appointments, call 727-446-3021 and/or visit