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Introducing Perio Protect

Headshot of Dr. Yu

With a mere 15 minutes out of the day, manage periodontal disease and whiten teeth at the same time. Minimizing the bad bacteria under gums will prolong the health of both teeth and gums.
Offered at the practice of Dr. Robert Yu, DMD, Perio Protect is an amazing system consisting of an upper and lower non-invasive mouth tray that works painlessly by pushing a medicinal gel directly into the gum line. The main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which releases oxygen that helps penetrate under the gum line to kill aggressive bacteria growing in that area. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide naturally whitens teeth.
Because the Perio Protect system enables the medicine to go deep, it reaches places that flossing, brushing and water picking cannot. While there is no “cure” for periodontal disease, it can be managed with daily treatment to prevent pathogenic bacteria from uncontrollably recolonizing.
Periodontal disease is the number one cause for tooth loss. Based on case studies, the peroxide/prescription tray treatment regimen in combination with scaling and root planing (an even deeper cleaning known as SRP) proved significantly more effective than traditional SRP therapy alone in reducing pocket depths and bleeding both two weeks and 10 weeks after SRP.
Location: 6700 Crosswinds Dr. N, Ste. 200B, St. Petersburg. Information and appointments, 727-384-9122,