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Mediterranean Fasting Lifestyle Coaching Online

Headshot of Owen James Clouston.

Using scientifically proven methods and techniques from medicine, science and psychology, Owen James Clouston, BSp (Sports Coaching), author of the Mediterranean Fasting Lifestyle, is now offering a subscription service online. is available for online coaching, providing optimal health for those 50-plus years.
Developer of the Mediterranean Fasting Lifestyle (MFL), Clouston obtained his Bachelor of Sports degree in New Zealand, then built a successful career as a healthcare professional and personal coach. His experiences with the changes in the maturing human body led him to develop a unique program. At its core is a belief that there are no bad foods—just foods that need to be better managed. With MFL, one adjusts their daily choices rather than adhering to a restrictive diet plan.
Clouston spent many years personally road testing several nutrition and exercise plans with various methodologies, experimenting with different weight loss and health oriented systems intending to find a holistic way to lose weight, improve his health, get off blood pressure medication and reduce his cholesterol. Not wishing to reinvent the wheel—instead choosing to create a whole new wheel—the result is MFL, a system that anyone can use with success.
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