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Brain Health 101: IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

The Grossgold Clinic is excited to introduce their newest offering—IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback. A form of transcranial electrical stimulation, it has been shown to provide relief for disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction. It has also been used to improve symptoms that result from traumatic brain injuries and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Patients are reporting better sleep, improved cognitive function/less brain fog, less reactivity, better response to stress, and more energy. It can also be used in children with autism, ADHD/ADD, developmental delays and behavioral issues. Anyone with a brain can benefit from IASIS.
Our brain sends signals via electricity, and these brain waves can become stuck in overdrive due to stress, chronic illness, mental health disorders and other factors. The brain also has its own drainage system—the glymphatic [system], which is used to get rid of waste such as amyloid proteins that are linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Prolonged electrical imbalance and the inability to drain waste can contribute to brain-related diseases. The brain can only heal and drain this waste while it is relaxed in “delta” waves.

Most people’s brains do not spend enough time in delta waves on their own. IASIS stimulates these healthy delta brain waves by providing very small doses of energy via electrodes attached to the head. Sessions are safe, quick, noninvasive and painless, and 85 percent of patients see significant changes within three sessions. Most patients need between 12 and 20 sessions for full result. Treatment plans are customized for each patient by Dr. Grossgold and certified staff, Ms. Emily Smith.

Dr. Andreas Grossgold is an internist and a pediatrician who graduated from the University of Texas Medical School, in Houston. He completed a Fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine and a Ph.D. on Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy. He is author and co-author of peer-reviewed articles on clinical and biomedical research. As a Commander of the U.S. Navy Reserves, he serves as the Battalion Surgeon of a USMC unit in Florida.
Back in early 1994, when Dr. Grossgold graduated from medical school, his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Where traditional medicine failed to deliver, integrative medicine intervened, affording his dad another 20 years while inspiring the doctor’s expansion into this field.
The Grossgold Clinic, in Clearwater, integrates traditional medical with the practices of internal and holistic medicines. Dr. Grossgold fortifies his patients with a “lifestyle that engenders wellbeing for the whole person, including sharing knowledge and educating our clients on how to manage their own health.”
Immersion in the field of cellular regeneration and gene therapy along with ongoing R&D allows the clinic to deliver recovery and wholeness, including sexual wellness; detoxifications–physical, mental, emotional; ketamine and customizable IVs; hormone revitalization; and cancer treatments.
Call today to book your consult and first IASIS session. Mention this article and receive $200 off your purchase of a package of 12 treatments.


The Grossgold Clinic is located at 609 Lakeview Rd., Clearwater. For more information and consultation, call 727-330-3844, email [email protected] and/or visit