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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

Fatherhood and male are the topics this month as we honor all Fathers and fatherly archetypes, on June 18.
This month features Dr. Mark Hyman on Living Healthy to 100 and Beyond, proffering up a plethora of leading-edge lifestyle options he both recommends and religiously employs. Aging is natural, but not decline.
What Every Man Wants may be Sexual Vitality at Every Age. If so, fast forward to this article addressing hormones, aminos, the nervous system and other factors affecting the unique construct of every man—and that no two are alike.
Awaken the body’s innate ability to regulate itself. Converting Food to Energy: Learning How Metabolism Works opens the door to self-healing. Learn from author and naturopath Dr. Alan Christianson why liver function and its correction are vital to whole-health.
This month’s Fit Body, Straighten Up and Feel Right, lays out some Tips for Good Posture and a Healthy Spine. Posture is also our stance in the world of form. Steps are included to align our posture along with exercises for adjustment and maintenance.
Dogs’ muscles can lose tone in days. Gain insight in Leaps and Bounds as to establishing and maintaining an exercise regimen capable of Keeping Canine Jumpers Injury-Free. Not just for jumpers, the article shares how to avoid injuries for all canines.
As always, with an open heart and open mind, please enjoy.