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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

The Grossgold Clinic Introduces the Harmonic Egg

Headshot of Dr. Grossgold.

The Grossgold Clinic is thrilled to announce their newest addition: the Harmonic Egg. This unique, inclusive healing modality employs the principles of sacred geometry, sound, light and color therapies to promote inner peace, healing and relaxation.

The concept of energy medicine, on which the Harmonic Egg is based, dates back to ancient times and aims to release and balance energy to promote healing and wellness. The body’s cells communicate via electrical signals, and these energies are thought to become distorted or blocked when people experience emotional trauma, illness, pain and other hardships. The unblocking and rebalancing of these energies can be a crucial part of emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

A session consists of 50 relaxing minutes, sitting in a zero-gravity chair inside the egg-shaped, natural wood chamber while being exposed to consciously-created music and colored light. Users of the Harmonic Egg have noted improvements in symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD, pain relief, increased resilience to stress, less reactivity, more energy, better sleep, and the promotion of physical healing.

Cost: 10% off with NA mention. Location: 609 Lakeview Rd., Clearwater. For more information and to book an appointment, call 727-330-3844, email [email protected] and/or visit