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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

Meditation in a Time of Madness, by Carol Penn, a dual-certified physician and movement coach, in New Jersey, features in our main theme this month of wellness, especially for women. The feature article, Solving Stress, illustrates how rapidly medicine is evolving with a genre of doctors treating the whole person rather than separate parts. Always aiming for the root cause, often illnesses are permanently deterred by early uprooting. As to the energy body contained within, this too can be upgraded and healed through meditation and other soft forms of energy therapy.
This month’s Conscious Eating article, Taking Control of Our Hormones, is a very powerful reminder of this inner life-altering alchemy. Included in the article are nutritional tips and a tasty recipe with the minerals and vitamins needed to support hormonal chemistry, having tremendous power over our behavior.
In Healing Ways, First Signs of Menopause, Dr. Lindsey Berkson, author of Safe Hormones, Smart Women, shares, “The vagina doesn’t exist alone. Treating only the vagina is minimized medicine.” Approached with dignity, in-depth, as well as non-surgical and painless, learn of rejuvenation via functional medicine.
If you have a furry bestie, Bringing the Bounce Back educates pet parents as to the availability of leading-edge healing modalities for aging pets and those with mobility challenges.
As always, with an open heart and open mind, I hope you enjoy this issue.