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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

Wouldn’t it be ideal to know we are in the right moment, right place, right time, right now? We are. Yet, we try to escape; sometimes, abiding in the now is not fun if we don’t feel like we can enjoy the now as it is. Brought to us by the Universe (if we choose to live that way), we allow the now and its lifestyle of synchronicity to organically evolve.
Albeit still controversial, polarized and probably will be for some time, the plant-based diet covered in the feature article Veggies for the Win assists in the alchemical clearing process within the human technology, upgrading us to sustain higher and higher energetic frequencies for whole health. This month’s Conscious Eating shares how to love the kidneys to health via proper foods as medicine, co-orchestrating the upgrade of the human biome as well.
A perfect example of truly learning how to “overcome” and rise above a dis-ease is found in this month’s Healing Ways article, Thriving with MS. Included is neurological nutrition as a key to reduce inflammation—ergo pain—with the huge benefit of cleared energetic pathways.
In Natural Remedies for Pets, Veterinarian Karen Shaw Becker equips us with seven remedies for common pet ailments, imbuing in us more confidence in home healthcare for our beloved beasties.

As always, with an open heart and mind, please enjoy.