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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Living a Purposeful Life

A woman in a white dress in the woods.

Lani Gonzales, founder of Ad Astra Awakening, helps people who want and need more than traditional therapy. Offering a guided ayahuasca program, hypnotherapy, and intuitive energy healing, Ad Astra Awakening addresses root causes.
Using her light as a beacon to help others find theirs, Gonzales was inspired to speak for those who could not speak for themselves, becoming a lawyer at 23, yet she fought a silent battle with depression, anxiety and chronic PTSD. She spent 10-plus years in counseling and poring over self-help books, but finally found true healing and unshakable inner peace by exploring the subconscious mind. Through sacred shamanic ayahuasca ceremonies and hypnotherapy, Gonzales healed the root cause of her emotional, mental, physical and spiritual ills.
Untethered from the trauma that once controlled her, she learned to live a life of purpose. Gonzales shares this healing journey in her book Rebirth of a Sage. Having trained with gurus, shamans and healers from around the world to cultivate her gifts as intuitive healer, and as a certified clinical and quantum healing hypnotherapist, Gonzales offers leading-edge therapies for seekers on the path.
Location: 233 3rd St. N, Ste. 202, St. Petersburg. For more information, call 727-210-5422, email [email protected] and/or visit