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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

February’s name comes from the Old French feverier, based on Latin februarius, from Februa, a feast of purification formerly held in this month (spelling changed 15th century). How apt for heart month.
A marvel of technology, the heart beats 70 times per minute, 4200 times an hour, 100,800 times a day and 36,792,000 times a year, pumping 650,000 gallons of blood annually (enough to fill more than 81 tank cars of 8000 gallons each). That’s the mechanical part! The heart is also a higher form of intelligence once fully opened.
This issue covers all things heart and heart-related and is packed with sage information, starting with nourishing the heart with foods that promote its wellbeing, including recipes. The article on vagus nerve toning is of great interest when looking for ways to improve mood.
Just as in humans wherein a healthy gut biome sustains overall wellbeing, studies indicate this is so in dogs. Preparing human-grade foods for our furry friends is always going to be the healthier route.
After nearly 30 years, and in the last month of 2022, Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation was thoughtfully delivered into the hands of KnoWEwell, PBC, by exiting founder and inspirer Sharon Bruckman. Entering a new level, with Kimberly Whittle, new CEO, find story this issue. A New Chapter.
With an open heart and open mind, may you find value within.