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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

Aging (evolution/growth) is inevitable. We don’t want to “anti” anything as what you resist will not only persist but increase. Aging gracefully is an art, a science (alchemy involved) and a spiritual quest. Tuning to the world within (over which one has control) is key, and reading this month’s issue lends itself to assisting this incredible internal (and external) adventure.

Healing (true healing) is a return to “wholeness”. This month’s article, Lissa Rankin on the Mysteries of Healing, is not to be missed. A doctor who is taking “whole” healing to its height and depth where it can actually take place, Rankin’s book, Sacred Medicine: A Doctor’s Quest to Unravel the Mysteries of Healing, a NY Times bestseller, delivers hope where other paths have failed.

For enjoyable things around the house, Conscious Consumerism shares tips on becoming a “sharing community” in-place, right where you are. The now well-known Ashevillians, of the Blue Ridge Mountains, are cited for just such innovative resourcefulness.

The Best Ways to Preserve the Harvest suggest we “waste not” (thrift precedes prosperity) by dehydrating all manner of fruits and veggies, including nutritious and tasty peels. An included recipe for Mango Leather is inviting me to get busy in the kitchen!

As always, with an open heart and an open mind, may you enjoy and find value within these pages.