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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Narcissistic Abuse/Toxic Relationship Recovery, New Life Discovery

Headshot of Holly Marzula in a pink tank top.

Holly Marzula is a licensed rapid transformational therapy (RTT) practitioner and certified hypnotist and empowerment coach. Her work with clients is to effect lasting changes in their lives quickly. A 20-year military veteran, she specializes in helping clients recover and heal from toxic or narcissistic relationship abuse, gain self-confidence, and become empowered to make better choices for themselves and their future. She also helps clients overcome many other issues, including self-esteem, money blocks, weight loss, sleep, self-sabotage, unwanted habits, emotional issues/blocks, and self-limiting beliefs.
For those who are struggling and feeling held back, and those who have tried many different things that are supposed to help but have not, or for those who are stuck in a repeating pattern, hypnosis may be the solution.
Marzula offers RTT hypnosis which works with the power of the subconscious mind. It gets to the root cause of the issue and the reason one is holding onto beliefs that are no longer productive, ensuring rapid results. Understand, heal and rewire old beliefs and negative behavior patterns into new, healthy, healing patterns in order to redirect the story one wants for their life.
Location: Sessions are offered online via Zoom. Call 316-655-1041 to schedule your free clarity session.