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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Become a Personal Trainer

Military woman in uniform holding books and a backpack.

Presently enrolling, National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is the world's leading veteran-owned, operated and staffed ACCSC accredited/licensed educational facility creating today's top personal fitness professionals. NPTI Florida’s diploma program is designed to offer 218 hours of hands-on client personal training experience which affords their graduates the needed skills for high income careers nationwide.
NPTI Florida’s objective is to provide students with the knowledge and confidence that every fitness professional needs and deserves via their innovative, comprehensive college curriculum. Graduates command top salaries working at health clubs, vacation resorts, spas, and in their own personal training studios.
Veteran-owned and staffed for more than 21 years, NPTI Florida is the only accredited institution offering Next Generation Personal Training Education. Additionally, they offer financial aid and veteran tuition benefits (FAFSA).
For more information and enrollment, call 813-374-2017 and/or visit ACCSC Accredited Post-secondary School (