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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

In honor of the divine masculine and all things male/yang, this month’s issue houses the most interesting reads dedicated to The Healing of the Modern Man. “There is no better time than now for the masculine to rise to a new level of greatness,” shares author Marlaina Donato, with great insight and faith.
The Gift of an Imperfect Father is a beautiful dose of the healing that comes about through a once-negative thought situation. What was painful is used as catalyst for rising above the situation, moving beyond all judgment/duality. Author Donato writes, “Children of difficult dads sometimes blossom like lotuses into more compassionate beings from the mud of absence, cruelty or indifference,” also healing lineage on the way.
There are a slew of trauma treatment options, holistic as possible, in the Healing Ways article, Healing Trauma. PTSD and other nerve- and adrenal-related disorders are rampant, and the ability to resolve these areas of non-ease can be done in ways that are not only effective, but comfortable. There are practitioners within these pages who can help.
As a parent, modeling the most valuable trait of empathy is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our children. How to Raise Empathetic Kids, teaching them how to “listen for context”, is a brilliant skill developed over time, putting them in the driver’s seat with response-ability.
Happiest Fathers’ Day,