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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

PolarAid Discs: Aligning with Wellness

Every human is unique and has different levels of sensitivity. To that end, it is suggested that first time users of the PolarAid discs go gently at first, experimenting, following the chakra protocol as suggested in the users’ booklet.
Designed to correspond to the individual’s unique needs of the hour, PolarAid discs applied to reflex zones may improve internal bodily functions. Discs can be placed under the feet, on the knees, spine—any area presenting discomfort is candidate. The discs assist in increasing the level of energy circulating through the inner channels, removing stagnations and blockages—the causes of the discomfort/pain. With energy flowing more freely, there is release from discomfort on many levels—beyond just the physical.
To learn more about this remarkable device, watch the TV show Histoire de Succès at, reporting on the science and benefits of this functionally clearing and integrative energy technology.
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