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Personalized Astrology Reports are now available at Available only privately in the past to clients, Reverend Amanda Segovia now offers these custom report options to all in the Tampa Bay area.
Personalized Astrology Reports are customized astrology interpretations for the individual and couples (friends or romantic). These customized reports are specific as they are based on precise birth information. Depending upon the type of report selected, one can discover much detail about a particular topic in their life, an overview or summary of a topic, enjoy daily astrology calendar guidance or even have a comparison of two people and how they might relate to one another. The hardest part might just be figuring out which ones to read first!
Personalized Astrology Reports make excellent gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and for anyone seeking insight on their deeper purpose, career guidance, options for travel and moving, opportunity and challenge period awareness. Shares Reverend Amanda, “I hope they bring you as much insight, laughs and joy as they have for me. Namaste.”
Rev. Amanda Segovia is a natural-born intuitive, medium, healer and astrologer. To learn more about services, scheduling and availability (phone or in person), visit