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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Harness Your Body's Health with PolarAid

Scientific evidence that the human body runs on electrical energy has been long-recognized. To that end, miles of authentic, compelling testimonials validate PolarAid’s ability to encourage the overall health of the body, including muscle, joint and spinal health/flexibility; weight management via healthy metabolism; bowel and digestive health; sexual health; mental calm with balanced moods; quality relaxation and sleep.
The science behind PolarAid was first demonstrated by Dr. Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. Tesla identified the existence of the cosmic energy that nourishes and supports all life yet can be diminished with life’s challenges, traumas and aging as cells of the body lose their ability to absorb. Lakhovsky, author of The Secret of Life: Electricity, Radiation and Your Body, explained that cells are small oscillatory circuits emitting ultra-short electromagnetic waves, and health is determined by the relative strength of these cellular oscillations; bacteria, cancers and other pathogens corrupt them.
Enter Dr. Dino Tomic and his team who procured the original schematics of the two scientists and their inventions to perfect the PolarAid antenna—a copper-based alloy ring that works like a satellite antenna, receiving and amplifying natural energy. When applied to the body, the PolarAid disc redirects the energy to replenish the body’s [energy] flow, enhancing its capacities to heal naturally.
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