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Bohemian Gypsea Metaphysical Gift & Crystal Shop ~ Ginger Alemaghides, Proprietress

A white home transformed into a business

Bohemian Gypsea is a metaphysical gift shop and apothecary built on Love. In business just over two years, they recently relocated to a larger storefront right before their two-year anniversary. Ginger Alemaghides, owner, states, “We are a small business with just me and three other employees—Vicki Roche, Collen Dellavolpe and Sarah Hooper.

“I have always had an interest in health and the spiritual-metaphysical world which was inspired by my mother.” Alemaghides learned to eat right, take care of herself and develop a deep understanding of spirituality, including training in yoga, meditation, martial arts and, more recently, tarot and astrology.

“Bohemian Gypsea is dedicated to my mother who died way too young, at 56 from cancer,” she explains. “She taught me how to honor Earth, animals and the true soul of humans. She didn’t have the information that I have studied and learned to help keep me and others healthy. Since her passing, I have used what is referred to as alternative medicine to enhance traditional medicine. I have included acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, crystals and CBD to increase my ability to have a full life. I am inspired every day to share with my customers the things that have helped me.”
Alemaghides opened for business just a couple of months before the Covid epidemic hit the U.S. “It was scary to open a business and have to close it a couple of months later,” she expounds, “but somehow what I have to offer has resonated with the community, and the business not only survived but it has thrived.”
With the intent to help her community become healthier—spiritually, mentally and physically—while also embracing joy as an important part of life, Bohemian Gypsea offers beautiful products that bring joy to the recipient, including meaningful jewelry and clothes, and soon plants—another passion Alemaghides gleaned from her mother.
With today’s new rules and new normal, Alemaghides’ challenges to-date are no different than most are experiencing in starting and sustaining a business. She shares, “The biggest rewards are hearing the stories from my customers about how much they loved a product and how it enhanced their life. I am also so honored by the artists and artisans that choose Bohemian Gypsea to host their works.”
Alemaghides goes on to say, “We find joy [at Bohemian Gypsea] in providing the highest quality information, products and services. We love having conversations with our customers that include health, spiritualism, psychology and belief systems. As we grow as a business, we promise to learn and change as needed to best serve our customers.
“We are so excited to offer new and growing lines of products, including gifts, clothes, crystals, essential oils, supplements, candles, spiritual items, seminars and, soon, rare and exceptional plants. We will also be expanding our metaphysical readings to include astrology and reiki and have already added free seminars that are becoming very popular.”


Voted “Best of the Best” Tampa Bay Times People’s Choice 2021, Bohemian Gypsea is located at 12 West Orange St., Tarpon Springs, 727-822-5091. Learn more at