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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Intuitive Crystal Healing Sessions with Ronni Ford

Headshot of a woman in a white tank top holding her hands in a prayer stance

Ronni Ford has much to offer in the way of helping clients heal and progress forward on their spiritual path. An empath, clairvoyant and intuitive, she has a keen sense of detecting and following the body's guidance with her healing hands.
A session begins with grounding the client’s energy into their body and clearing any stagnant energy in the field that houses lower vibrational frequencies. She then clears each chakra by "reading" stuck stories or issues, expands this energy, and begins to remove it to more deeply connect with the soul's imprint.
The pictures or words Ford telepathically receives in-session are clues as to where change can be brought about. She offers clients a higher perspective to understand how situations occurring in physical life are, symbolically, spiritual messages that guide.
In sessions where there is extreme stress, fear, trauma, grief or any other emotion that is overwhelming, Ford will walk through the client’s energy field and channel out some of this heaviness. Additionally, crystals are intuitively placed on the body for their beneficial and supportive powers.
Distance healings available; in-person sessions in Dunedin. Yoga as an energetically healing practice can also be incorporated into the Intuitive Crystal Healing Session.
For more information and appointments, call 340-626-9642 or email [email protected].