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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Change Begins with a Choice

Headshot of Margaret Newman

Margaret Newman, RN has 30 years of nursing experience mixed with an education in NLP, Hypnosis, Parts Work, ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), Core Transformation and EFT. She sees the universe as one large restaurant where we pay attention to what we fancy and drop the focus on what is not wanted.
Newman suggests that words come from the subconscious and can be used to reveal beliefs, values and perceptions that get in the way of goals. Our experience of life is mostly an inside happening, coming to us through our thoughts and feelings. This means that regardless of the outer circumstances, we can choose an empowering response that frees us from the past.
All experiences provide an education. The remarkable thing is that we decide what we learn from each event or encounter. Truly, even on a planet of billions, we are each unique because of our individualized education. We are free to choose a different life experience at any time, and Newman has noticed that change does not begin by chance—it begins by choice.
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