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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

This month, we pay homage to Thanksgiving. More than ever, eating to heal is an option we should be gratefully embracing. Mental and emotional health imbalances are at an all-time high; they existed long before the pandemic and at long last are surfacing for recognition and repair. This month’s Conscious Eating article, Eat Well to Feel Well, shares that “The hope and help we seek might be as close as our own kitchen,” along with some proven foods that enhance moods.
Most of us want a brain that lasts a lifetime. Recognizing the brain’s neuroplasticity, and for better or worse how greatly we affect its functions through thought, foods, hormones, relationships and lifestyle management, Healthy Brain Strategies: Howto Prevent Cognitive Decline offers leading edge insights from functional medicine experts which you can implement in your life starting now.
On another deeply healing note, David Crow, author of In Search of the Medicine Buddha, speaks up on the medicinal power of healing plants/botanical medicine in a most interesting Q&A. “Humans emerged from conditions created by plants. Since we cannot live directly on soil and sunlight as plants do, the structure and function of the human body are designed so that we can extract those energies in forms that plants provide; our physiology, respiration and metabolism are a mirror image of photosynthesis. We have complete biological dependency on plants in every moment; understanding this is the basis of reverence for nature, which is ecological spirituality, the only long-term solution to the environmental crisis we have created through lack of sensitivity and appreciation of our place in the biosphere.”
As always, with an open Heart and an open mind, enjoy reading on,

Happy Thanksgiving