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Cold & Flu Remedies that Won’t Raise Blood Sugar or Pressure

Headshot of Dr. Anika Niambi Al-Shura

Niambi Wellness Natural Pharmacy was established in 2010 during Dr. Anika Niambi Al-Shura’s doctoral study in patient care in traditional Chinese medicine cardiology and medical education in China. She noticed that people preventing cardiac problems or managing a mild to moderate condition were concerned about symptoms that could contribute to immediate and future cardiac complications.
Those same people were concerned about which over-the-counter cold and flu products to choose. Most of those on store shelves are not suitable for cardiac prevention because they contain sugars and drugs which can spike blood sugar and blood pressure. Some natural remedies on the market are effective, but the contents are not certain about supporting cardiac prevention.
To that end, Niambi Wellness Institute has developed GANMAO, a line of over-the-counter herbal cold and flu remedies that won't spike blood pressure and blood sugar. Remedies include flavored Qi, Yang and Yin varieties in syrup bottles with measuring cups, convenient single serve packets, and throat lozenges. Niambi offers other herbal remedies and personal care items as well.
For more information and to order, visit or email [email protected].