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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

As we handle and adapt to challenging times, we are evolving as individuals and as a community, finding and surfing holistic approaches to the future here in Tampa Bay and beyond. As publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay, I cherish the opportunity to bring this continuing river of vital news and views and remain ever so grateful for the advertisers who support this monthly journal. Our ever-expanding readership is continuing evidence of the growing presence of natural health aficionados hereabouts.

This July 2021 issue includes welcome insight from writer Julie Peterson in “Food as Medicine: The Healing Power of  Nutrition”. So good to know of shifting trends recognizing the crucial role nutrition plays in natural wellbeing and health care. This awareness also adds exciting dimension to the thought of grocery planning and creative meal preparation that will bring more of nature’s purity to the table.

In our Green Living department, writer Laura Paisley Beck looks at the benefits and processes involved in urban and localized gardening. In her article, “Growing Food Security”, the writer examines self-empowering ways and means of increasing access to healthy food for all. It seems an entirely achievable vision for the future.

On Sunday, July 4, we again celebrate our nation’s Declaration of Independence with such popular holiday favorites as picnics, fireworks and beach excursions. Hopefully, it also inspires reflection on our connectedness and the healthy promise of mutual support for all life on Earth.

As always, with an open heart and mind, I hope you enjoy reading on.