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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

With this issue of Natural Awakenings, we welcome another gorgeous June here in the Bay area. With the arrival of this year’s tropical storm season, June 1 to November 30, we are reminded of the good sense it makes for Floridians to prepare in case hurricane force conditions hit head-on. Last year’s season was the most active on record with 30 named storms and 13 hurricanes. Experts predict that 2021 activity will be above average as well.
One way or the other, there are proactive steps to take in staying safe. Stock up on water and emergency supplies, fine tune an evacuation plan, and stay informed. Hillsborough and Pinellas counties offer helpful public information programs on hurricane preparedness in our area. (Learn more at and/or And remember to fine tune and nurture networks of friends and family both near and far. Together, we can make it work.
June's arrival also triggers thoughts of the dear dads and dad-like others among us. Special celebrations have taken place ever since Father's Day was declared a national holiday some time mid-20th century. Now, in this special June 2021 issue of NA Tampa Bay, we honor that tradition.
Natural health writer Ronica O’Hara robustly covers the subject of men’s health in her article, “Health for Men: Natural Approaches for Robust Vitality”. Readers learn proactive, integrative strategies that equip men to enjoy long years of vitality and good health. Spread the good news!
As always, with an open mind and an open heart, please enjoy reading on.