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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Shihando Reiki Offered in Lithia

Headshot of Shihan Lynn Montana Freemãn

Shihan Lynn Montana Freemãn teaches and applies Shihando Reiki, which is dimensional, white light reiki, as opposed to the traditional violet flame energy. Freemãn studied the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing, as taught by the American Reiki Master Association, earning her masters in 1991. She studied Juai Kung Karbo Kung Fu and Tai-Chi with Master Bert Rodriguez of Dania, Florida, where she earned her certification in the higher order of the systems he taught her.
In the 1990’s, discovery of the reiki symbols in the martial arts forms changed the foundation of the study and practice of both martial arts and reiki. Shihando Reiki takes energy work and personal energy acceleration to the next level by breaking down all martial arts symbols to their original form and adding them in specific sequential order to the traditional Usui attunements, enhancing both healing work and the attunements themselves.
Freemãn also offers a beautiful selection of crystals, sculptures, books, CDs, incense, candles, and other metaphysical tools and gifts. All healing sessions, training and shopping are by appointment only in Lithia. Bed and breakfast accommodations are available for out-of-area clients/students.
For more information, call 267-474-4717 or email [email protected].