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7 Changes To Health

Marc Samson is a heart attack survivor who has vowed not to have another one. Taking charge of his health became priority and thus was born a healthy cardiac rehabilitation success story.
Going from 10 drugs a day to just one (baby Aspirin), Samson shares that he has become healthier than even 15 years before the heart attack. He has no more issues with high blood pressure, reflux or cholesterol; he is ideal weight and full of energy. In the interest of sharing his success with others, Samson has summarized his overall health actions in a document, 7 Changes To Health, and created a website to share it.
A method aiming to take control of one’s health via the seven steps you will discover on this site, 7 Changes is a global approach to health that respects the nature of the biology of living things, including natural and holistic medicine. Developed by a very ordinary person to heal himself and which has given remarkable results, 7 Changes may just offer what is most needed for someone in a similar situation.

Samson states, “My goal is to give back to life, inspiring others to get healthy. Share it with people you care about!” Download it free from (English) or (French).