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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From Publisher

Debbey Wilson publisher of Natural Awakenings Tampa

Debbey Wilson

As we enter this first month of 2021, I am one among many committing to a few New Year “resoulutions”—a longtime habit I wholeheartedly embrace. Stated goals and articulated intentions can spur progress on the path toward good health and holistic wisdom. We have made it through last year’s extraordinary challenges stronger—as individuals and a community—and hopefully, as a species, sharing a planet in need of some loving attention.

Unusually trying times can dredge up the hero in us all and encourage growth in our sense of connection and mutual caring. I am grateful for the part Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay plays in encouraging this growing and cohesive community of holistically-minded readers and thinkers in our immediate orbit. We have been sharing news and views on awakening for more than two decades, and on that upnote, the (inner) dance goes on with every beat of our Hearts.

In one of this month’s featured articles, “Integrative Hospital Care: Medicine Embraces Holistic Modalities” (page 24), writer Marlaina Donato delivers up welcome news on advances in the medical establishment’s approach to healing. Perhaps taking a cue from the multitudes of people who have integrated alternative modalities into their lifestyle and discovered benefits yet to be known, many hospitals are advancing further, offering massage and other energy work, nutrition-packed whole foods, and addressing emotional and mental health, now learning they are critical to whole healing.

In “Climate Anxiety” (page 34), writer Sandra Yeyati examines ways we can right now successfully navigate our mental and emotional health, alleviating anxieties as our relationships—personal, planetary and galactic—evolve.

As always, with an open heart and mind, enjoy reading on.