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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

All-New Wings Offers Inspirational Gifts and Tools of Enlightenment

Walking into the newest phase of Wings, in St. Petersburg, brings one a sense of peace and relief. Whatever a person’s path, they can browse and be inspired by the new setting and selections of books, gifts, crystals, candles, incense, jewelry and items of interest for themselves or that of a loved one.

From novice and newly curious to advanced spiritual seeker, Wings provides many tools for study and reflection, including those devoted to Christ consciousness and the ascended masters and angels; Native American wisdom; shamanism; Buddhism; Druidism; Celtic; and the Wiccan Way. Tools and accessories to complete one’s sacred space are plentiful and unique. A wall of incense and a great assortment of sage are constantly being replenished.

Wings’ high vibe crystal department is both beautiful and informative, with descriptions on the qualities of each gem. Additionally, they carry a huge selection of herbs, mushroom and root powders. Alexandra creates custom teas to suit one’s health. Their selection of books has grown, from moon gardening and working with the elements to sacred geometry, including classics on recovery and grief.

Location: 4500 4th St. North, St Petersburg. Store hours: 11am-6pm, Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday. For more information, call 727-522-6657. To shop online, visit