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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Spirit Dancing with Allarah

Allarah LaVelle (also known as Allarah Shashona) is back in Florida and will be scheduling classes and offering private Movement Meditation/Spirit Dancing sessions in beautiful outdoor settings (eventually indoors as things once again open up and Covid is in the past).

Allarah guides participants to states of ecstasy, perhaps the likes of which they have never before experienced, as one lets go of expectations and listens to their body. “Surrender to your head… how does it want to move? Let it guide your whole body… BREATHE… exhale all that no longer serves you.” “Listen to your body parts… feel the beat in your feet… breathe in the Earth…” These are some of the statements heard as the individual lets go and allows their body to guide their every movement… as they flow and move to the beat of rhythmic drumming and flute music.

Participants further experience sound healing within their body and chakras as they move and follow the bliss of Reiki drumming and rattling, using various manifesting and healing techniques based on Allarah’s book, The Dance of the Spirit-Healing: Releasing and Manifesting Through Movement and Sound.

Other therapies offered by Allarah include intuitive chakra readings and healing amulets/talismans. For event listings, more information and/or to register, call 520-349-4884, email [email protected] and/or visit,, and