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Do I Need a Nutrition Coach?

Oct 01, 2020 10:02AM ● By Hayley Imbriani, LMT & Dr. Kevin Granger

What do professional singers, athletes, actors and artists have in common? You might say A LOT of practice, and that is very true. But all of the great ones have a great coach. The elite in any profession must know ALL the ins-and-outs in their field and must have developed exceptional skills. They are coached to a level of smooth and polished execution.

All of us could benefit from having a coach educate, train and guide us into the person we want to be. Becoming healthy is no different. There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to health and nutrition that it becomes a priority to get some expert guidance. We are all unique individuals and our bodies are unique as well. Many health and nutrition principles can be applied to most people, however, some of us have very specialized needs and restrictions. Health and nutrition are not “one size fits all”.

Some foods that may be healthy for one person may be harmful to another. As we examine the world of food and health, we see that food labels are sneaky and many do not have our best interest in mind. Gluten-free and/or fat-free do not necessarily mean good for you and may be just the opposite. Terms and words like “natural flavorings” often turn out to be hidden sugars, grains, chemicals and additives and these can cause devastating effects on your health.

You want to eat better and you want to improve your health, but where do you start? Who do you trust and who has the true data on safe and natural body regeneration? By now, you have probably begun to realize or at least suspect that big government, big farms, big pharma and big food industries are more interested in profit than they are in your well-being. We are all products of our upbringing, our past habits and routines, and the ideas we have picked up from all of the “opinion leaders” in our life. And we may have grown up in a lifestyle with little emphasis on health. It can be difficult to learn healthy habits all on your own. Even more important is to make sure you are doing it correctly for you and your family as they are relying on you to make important food decisions for them. Who’s in charge at your house to grocery shop?

At Nutritional Wellness, in Clearwater, they coach and educate individually on what not to eat, what your body needs to feel better, and how to grocery shop for yourself, your family and friends. With the guidance of their nutritional professionals, they work one-on-one to help you achieve your health goals, specifically identifying where you need the most help for your specific health conditions, and create a plan with you on how to reach these health goals. They also offer a personalized nutrition coaching program of 12 classes, teaching the basics of how to create a balanced meal; which foods are known dangers for promoting inflammation, heart conditions and cancer; and which foods promote true body regeneration, even finding if there are harmful toxins in your daily products and cosmetics.

Individuals can take one class, two or as many as needed to help educate and guide themselves to better health choices, benefiting everyone in their orbit. Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad. To truly learn how to live this lifestyle, it is important to seek correct data and true knowledge. This will assure you are on the correct path. Working with health professionals will help keep you accountable as you travel along in your health journey. 

Nutritional Wellness is located at 205 S Myrtle Ave., Clearwater. For more information, call 727-248-0930 and/or visit