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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Natural Awakenings Tampa - June 2020

Welcome to the June Issue

Debbey Wilson

This June 2020 issue of Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay is inspiring to the max. Once again, we’re given a generous helping of cutting edge news and views from the front lines of the natural health movement. Staying alert, informed and flexible are skills evermore crucial to achieving the holistic wellness we seek, personally and community-wide.

With the arrival of June, our Gulf Coast community gets ready for tropical weather patterns to come. We welcome back the mighty cloud formations that move across summer skies and afternoon showers that bring cooling relief even on the warmest days.

I like the direction writer April Thompson takes in “Transformative Staycations: Finding Respite and Adventure Close to Home” (page 24), suggesting creative ways to ‘vacate’ closer to home. April examines the good sense it makes to keep get-away excursions local. As a renowned vacation destination, our Sunshine State is rich in tropical charm, colorful history, vibrant cultural arts conclaves, and so much more to explore.

In “David Hamilton on Kindness in the Pandemic Age” (page 38), writer Sandra Yeyati interviews the author and public speaker, highlighting ways kindness and compassion support human well-being. It seems feelings of kindness and compassion can spread, person-to-person (what a great way to be contagious!). With holistic health and caring the desired outcome, this is a cultural habit to actively embrace.

As always, with an open heart and mind, read on.