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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

Settling into happy visions of holiday magic, we are further blessed with tropical weather perfection (sans snow shovels and icy roads). I love this time of year! Life is good in our cozy community on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Putting this month’s Natural Awakenings of Tampa Bay together has been fun! Once again, the pages are filled with an exciting stream of cutting-edge insight from the natural health movement. It is such a great privilege and pleasure to continue publication of this delicious magazine here at home.

This issue contains timely, creative and healing ways to look at the world, including self-empowering ways to recognize and overcome evolving challenges to natural well-being. In "Supercharge Your Immune System" (page 24), author Kathleen Barnes addresses the causes and effects of autoimmune disease and proven natural ways to keep it at bay. In a special insert, "Flu Shot or Not" (page 26), find key points related to flu prevention and immune system health, focusing on ways to strengthen and build natural healing capacity.

Our Healing Ways department this month (page 30) features "Safe Drinking Water: Home Systems to Purify H2O", by author and freelance journalist Jim Motavalli. This is a thought-provoking look at concerns about the purity of drinking water in terms of safety, health and environmental friendliness.

As always, open your heart and mind and read on.