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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

Bay Area students head back to school this month renewing general awareness of the need to nourish and protect our youth. As always this month’s issue is full of news and views of the natural health movement, with special attention to holistic values crucial to excelling in life: at school, at home, and beyond. 
In “Simplified Parenting” (page 26), author Deborah Shouse looks at successful approaches to child rearing with love as a key ingredient. The article examines this nurturing relationship through a broad lens, focusing on essential ingredients of love, trust and fun as basic to success. Importantly, stress reduction and schedule simplification are considered important arenas for successfully approaching this most important relationship.
Our Healthy Kids (page 30), feature this month shares empowering news for fortifying the health of next generations. In “Natural Immune Boosters for Kids”, writer Marlaina Donato shows how strong immunity can be achieved by what we eat and how we manage our emotions.
For many years, fresh water shortages were not a concern for most people. But widespread awareness is growing that our fresh water supplies are seriously diminishing. Communities across the nation are finding creative solutions to conserve this essential resource. In “Waste No Water” (page 42), writer April Thompson offers a thorough look at this growing grassroots movement. April also shares helpful, entirely doable suggestions for “How to Start Conserving Today”.
       As always, open your heart and mind and read on.