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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

With the birth of a New Year and a metaphorical new start, Natural Awakenings has a timely new look. Some readers may notice subtle yet strategically considered upgrades in appearance this month. As always, NA publishes the most viable information, keeping you apprised of leading edge preventive, health promoting and gracefully aging techniques, technologies, products and services for immediate use. 
Getting this Tampa Bay Area issue of Natural Awakenings off to the printer and ready for distribution is an organic rhythm in my life. Each month is a cherished opportunity to greet friends and activists in the local natural healing community and to share the empowering and hopeful vision this magazine encourages. 
Just as New Year’s Eve celebrations stir a sense of nostalgia, the arrival of January 1, 2018, recharges heartfelt goals for the days and months ahead. Values of love and respect for life essential to the natural health movement empower us to excel at personal, community, and planetary levels. Who knows what wonders are possible?
Still, the hazards of stress are ever present in this busy world. That’s why Lisa Marshall’s article (page 32) this month is such a soothing read. In “Dial Down Stress: How to Stay Calm and Cool”, she examines the concept of stress, offering entirely doable ways and means of avoiding its unhealthy and unhappy effects.
As always, open your mind and read on.