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Letter From the Publisher

Dec 01, 2017 07:28PM ● By Debbey

The heart of this winter month presents unique opportunities to express love and appreciation for cherished family, friends and colleagues. December traditions include Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and of course the grand finale, New Year’s Eve. Good times.
If gift giving stirs your seasonal vibe, check out Judith     Fertig’s article in this month’s Conscious Eating department (page 36). Judith reminds us of the healthy good sense a gift of winter citrus makes. The tempting recipes accompanying this piece are of the zesty, citrus sort and sure to inspire the inner chef.
On page 34, life transformation coach and writer Dianne Bischoff James stirs healing thoughts in “12 Happy Holiday Tips”. The article spells out enriching ways to increase holiday season enjoyment, with a nice focus on achieving inner peace.
Speaking of creative holiday potential, Kelly Martinsen’s “Inspired Living: Five Ways to Make the New Year Sparkle” (page 23) is a self-empowering read. It’s good to be reminded of the power we have, as individuals, to influence positive change along the way.
        Looking ahead to 2018, I’m excited by the possibilities. Through force of habit I’ll probably come up with ‘resolutions’ to fine tune my intentions, and then dive into the New Year with characteristic gusto.
As always, open your mind and read on.