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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

Hello and welcome to another issue of Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay. Once again, I’m pleased and proud to send this wonderful magazine to press for publication. Sitting down to prepare this month’s greeting, this publication’s healing ways touch so many lives, helping to accelerate the evolution of the natural healing movement. There’s much to report in November 2017.
I’m a bit preoccupied these days knowing the pain and fear recent extreme weather conditions have caused. My awareness of the circumstances in Puerto Rico is especially acute due to updates from friends and colleagues there. The people are facing extraordinary challenges in their struggle to restore safe and healthy balance in their lives. Waleska Sallaberry and Luis Mendez, publishers of Natural Awakenings Puerto Rico, are seasoned community activists spearheading grassroots efforts to rebuild their beautiful community. 
       Following Hurricane Maria 2017, Waleska took their children to New York to enroll them in school. Working closely with activists and colleagues in the natural health community in Puerto Rico, Luis and Waleska are deeply involved in the recovery struggle. In heartfelt solidarity, Natural Awakenings publishers have created a GoFundMe account to support efforts to rebuild. As trustees of this account, Waleska and Luis will disseminate the proceeds to the people and organizations in Puerto Rico at their discretion. For more information and to make a donation, visit 
Meanwhile on more northeasterly shores, Natural Awakenings Long Island publisher Kelly Martinsen experienced extreme challenges of another sort when a devastating electrical fire burned her home to the ground. Coincidentally, Waleska Sallaberry was staying with Kelly when the fire hit. It was Waleska who woke Kelly in time to evacuate the house. While Kelly’s house may be totaled, she and her family are now safe and sound and looking forward to better days. 
       Fall has arrived on the West Coast of Florida; more holidays on the horizon. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.      As always, open your mind and read on.