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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

I believe in the power of positive thinking. The growing natural health movement is a positive force with life-affirming, Earth loving value. As publisher of this magazine I’m pleased to facilitate spreading awareness of the movement’s promise, and especially proud to share it here at home in Tampa Bay.
Perfectly timed with this issue’s focus on yoga, September is National Yoga Month—an opportunity to celebrate and share the wisdom and sense of well-being yoga promotes.
Our feature article, page 26, is a substantial compilation of respected yoga teachers, studios and centers across Tampa Bay. In Fit Body department, page 30, we hear from internationally renowned yogi and teacher, Rodney Yee, on “Yoga as a Way of Life”.
This month’s cover reflects a glow attainable through healthy living. It’s an energetic picture of my loving friends Waleska Sallaberry and Luis Mendez. Inspirational and creative, they are not only certified teachers of advanced yoga but also the publishers of Natural Awakenings Puerto Rico for the past 15 years. (Photo by Kelvin Sánchez, Facebook/Kelvin Sanchez: graphic design & photography.)
September 22nd signals the Autumn Equinox. I look forward to this season of cooler tropical weather patterns on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
As always, open your mind and read on, Debbey.