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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

Oct 01, 2016 09:52AM

With each passing year, I have to address a strong sense of how fast time flies. It’s difficult to accept that we’re already well into fall 2016. Another tropical summer season passed, too rapidly. 
    With the fall season, daylight time shortens, cool evening hours lengthen. With each day’s passing, the sun comes up a bit further south on the horizon. The planet rotates; we head into another typically beautiful      autumn. October brings truly extraordinary weather to the Gulf Coast of Florida. 
    This October issue of our magazine highlights natural healing concepts loaded with life supporting promise. In “Change Makers: Inspired to Act” (page 28), writer Linda Sechrist includes exciting insights from current, prominent activists in the natural health field. These exciting perspectives represent significant and dramatic healing and wellness approaches now, and into the future. 
    In “Chiropractic to the Rescue” (page 32), Dr. Edward Group looks at the wide ranging field of chiropractic medicine and the many avenues for healing it offers. The number of conditions treated by this evolving natural healing form is ever-expanding. In this informative article, Dr. Group shares insights on the numerous ailments addressed and the unique ways chiropractic medicine works to improve overall, holistic health. 
    As always, open your mind and read on.