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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

September 2015, and it’s time for another update on the natural health movement in the Bay Area and beyond. Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay’s monthly flow continues, offering stimulating news and views of today’s spreading nature-loving awareness, locally and beyond. Taking quality time reading through this publication is a refreshing pause in an otherwise, sometimes relentless, and too hasty, passage of hours, days, weeks, and months. There’s inspiration aplenty in this issue, with a special focus on "agelessness" and the benefits of yoga. Author and writer Kathleen Barnes offers "Ageless Being: Staying Vibrant in Mind, Body and Spirit"(page 30). It’s amazing to consider the multi- dimensional healing effects this age-old practice promises.

Meredith Montgomery, a registered yoga teacher, shares insights in "Yoga Enters the Medical Mainstream" (page 34), examining ways recent research is revealing proof of yoga’s health benefits.

In a delightful and engaging interview with vegan activist Alexandra Paul, writer Gerry Strauss highlights ways Paul’s approach to living honors all of life. In "Alexandra Paul on Vegan Activism" (page 33), we are reminded of the many good reasons to pursue a vegan lifestyle.

September is National Yoga Month and yoga enthusiasts are busy raising awareness across a wide spectrum. Many will celebrate the Autumn Equinox this month on the 23rd. So much to celebrate, so make time.

As always, open your mind and read on.