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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to November 2014 and this issue of Natural Awakenings. We welcome the seasonal weather perfection typical of this month here on the West Coast of Florida. What’s not to love?
    Once again, this edition of the magazine is pact with welcome, eye-opening information, events of interest, and more, emphasizing a multitude of ways to increase personal empowerment and beauty in our lives. In “Powerful You: Six Ways to Create the Life You Want,” writer Judith Fertig offers insights from several leaders in the field, revealing steps we can take to become the best version of ourselves possible.
    This month’s Action Alert article (page 23) reminds us of the power we have to influence change toward a more sustainable future. In “The Sunshine State Isn’t Solar-Friendly,” writer Linda Sechrist offers insights on solar power resources here in our sunshine rich state. It’s a good read, and can add meaningful dimension to any discussion of solar power’s potential.
    The natural health movement is ever mindful of the need to find and implement ways to keep our planet, and the life that calls it home, alive and well. In terms of realizing individual power to effect change, people are joining forces, updating daily routines; reducing reliance on fossil fuel-powered appliances; driving less; embracing tropical heat, turning down air conditioners. As a community and as a state we are affecting the change we want to see.
    As always, open your mind and read on.