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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter from the Publisher

Preparing this March issue and looking to the promise ahead, I can’t help but wonder what kind of weather this month has in store for us. Recent months have been crazy weather-wise across our nation. Some unusually cold days and nights here but still happily dotted with Florida-perfect days. Glove and scarf weather is no hardship compared to the snow, ice and biting cold others are experiencing. My memories of such frigid conditions are far behind me. I am a Floridian through and through. Relatively speaking, we’ve got it pretty good. And with another glorious spring on the calendar, what’s not to love?
    Spring Equinox 2014 begins March 20, kicking off our transition into official “springtime” and its accompanying thoughts of rebirth, renewal and re-growth. This month’s Natural Awakenings has a Food and Garden-focus that fits that mind set perfectly.
    Our feature article, entitled “Fresh Food Trends: Natural Trailblazers in Sustainable Eating ”,  examines four major food trends that reflect growing national appreciation for the good sense local, regional and sustainable foods make. The Bay Area natural health community is a powerful leader in that respect.
    Besides announcing another glorious springtime, March 2014 offers Daylight Savings Time (beginning the 9th) and good old St. Paddy’s Day on the 17th. Good times on the horizon.
    As always, open your mind, and read on.